Top Ten Best Selling Cars in US for 2009

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TopTen Here is an interesting list from  This is based on units sold, not units manufactured, like so many lists out there.



Top 10 best-selling cars for 2009 are…drum roll please:

  1. Ford F-Series: 179,632 units
  2. Toyota Camry: 150,242 units
  3. Chevrolet Silverado: 149,949 units
  4. Honda Accord: 131,043 units
  5. Toyota Corolla: 121,643 units
  6. Honda Civic: 118,459 units
  7. Nissan Altima: 96,248 units
  8. Dodge Ram: 94,516 units
  9. Ford Fusion: 85,146 units
  10. Honda CR-V: 78,197 units

What makes this interesting is that Ford is the only US based manufacturer with two in the top ten.  Ford has topped the best selling truck list for 28 years in a row.  That is an amazing accomplishment.  Another interesting factoid is that the Big-Three all have light-duty pickup trucks as their top-sellers.  Let’s face it, Americans love their trucks.  When they buy trucks, it is from the Big-Three because that is what they make the best.  Honda was the winner for having the most vehicles in the list.  It will be interesting to see the list for 2010.  Will Ford ramp up a notch with the release of the new Taurus?  Will GM make a showing in the list with a car?  Will Chrysler even be on the list?  As long as Dodge keeps making trucks, I think so.  Fiat might pull it off with a rebadged model…maybe.  I am surprised that Volkswagen didn’t make a showing in this list.  A final observation from this list is that most all of the vehicles in this list are manufactured in the US.  That should make us all feel a little better about the job situation.  Let us all hope this trend continues for many years in the future.

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Opportunities For The Big Three

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VW Worlds Largest Automaker – In value, that is.

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by Lloyd Frazier


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GM and Chrysler Merger? Why Not Ford, Too!

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By Lloyd Frazier

gm_chrysler_ford_logos Since we are headed toward nationalizing our financial institutions, why not the domestic automobile industry?  Let’s call the new bureaucracy  the United States Cooperative Restructuring Administration of Automotive Providers – or U.S.C.R.A.A.P. for short.  Hell, get Ford involved too.  They are in the crapper, too.  Wall Street is lapping at the trough.  The Big 2.5 might as well get in on the action. 

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