Tesla Motors Supercharger Stations

by Lloyd Frazier

TeslaModelSTesla Motors introduces a battery charging station that can supercharge the Tesla battery pack in 30 minutes for an additional 150 mile range.  Definitely a game changer for the all-electric vehicle.


From Tesla Motors website:

Supercharging is a game-changing solution to a common question – how to enable long road trips in an electric vehicle without long stops. The answer is simple: more power, and a faster path to your battery.

At 90 kW, a Tesla Supercharger delivers 4.5x more electricity to your battery than Twin Chargers. All this power is safely routed using special cables that connect directly to your battery, bypassing onboard charging equipment. This allows Model S to efficiently charge at highway speeds when you’re out on the open road. And, at many locations, solar cells mounted on the weather canopy charge your Model S with solar energy.

It’s time to take the next step. Model S is a game-changing car. Now you can travel the country in a game-changing way.

This technology, once implemented, will revolutionize the electric vehicle market.  Let’s just hope the big-oil interests don’t get in the way of this progression.  Just the idea that it is being put in place in California gives it a big boost since that state has the most stringent emissions regulations in the country.  We hope Elon Musk can keep this pace going.  It is exciting that this technology is being developed and manufactured here in the U.S.

Question of the day: How many times can you say “game changing’?

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