CAFE Standards–Not Just for Cars

by Lloyd Frazier

fat-guy-in-carBy 2025, the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standard that auto manufacturers are mandated by the U.S. Federal government to achieve is 54.5 mpg. Also, at the same time, the percentage of U.S. citizens categorized as obese is on the rise.

What does all this mean, you say.  Here is some ‘food’ for thought.  More weight equals less fuel economy.  So, as auto manufacturers find ways to trim the weight out of their cars and trucks to achieve this mileage mandate, Americans are finding more ways to pack it on which offsets what they would save from better gas mileage. 

I suppose the next time you go pull in to your local gas station to fill up the car, you should think twice about going across the street to your favorite greasy spoon cafe for that triple cheese burger with the all-you-can-eat fries and the double-chocolate fudge marshmallow peanut buster parfait.  CAFE standards are not just for cars anymore Winking smile

For some graphical representations, check this out over at to get a better understanding of this dichotomy.

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