Plasti Dip a Faded Chevy S10 Grille

By Lloyd Frazier


It all began when my good buddy Dave over at the Auto Ramblings Sportsmobile 4X4 Adventures site shared the discovery of this new product that people were using to spruce up or customize their favorite car or truck.  He said it sounded like something right up my alley since I was into auto detailing.  Plasti Dip is a product that started out as a non-conductive liquid plastic in a can that you dipped the handles of your hand tools in to improve grip and insulate for electrical work.  Now, thanks to, and many other sites that have popularized Plasti Dip for use on cars and trucks, I have become hooked to the max!  Plasti Dip is perfect for the do-it-yourselfer.  In the spray can form, it is easy to apply and fool proof when it comes to overspray.  Anything that gets past your masking job is easily peeled off after it dries. There are a myriad of colors and endless possibilities only limited by your imagination.

Plasti Dip perfectly fit what I needed to do for the faded grille on my ‘02 Chevy S10.  I could have replaced it, but that would have been expensive and taken quite some effort just to remove it.  I ended up using just over a can of black Plasti Dip to apply six coats on the grille and it looks better than new.  I will be reporting back in a few months to give a report as to the durability of this amazing product.

I have produced a video of my effort.  I hope that it might help explain some of the steps I took to clean, prep, mask, apply, and finish a typical job of this type.

Enjoy…and thanks for stopping by Auto Ramblings regularly.

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