Then & Now: Post Tribute to a Fascinating Industry

By Lloyd Frazier

When talking with someone who lived through the depression and WWII, one begins to realize the tremendous sacrifices that were made by out citizens, and industry leaders. Take the American automobile industry for instance. Basically, their prime business took a temporary backseat for the war effort. Automobile factories retooled to make airplanes, parts, tanks, guns, etc.etc. That was a real coming together for our country. We may never see that kind of mutual cooperation between citizens and industry again in our lifetimes. After the war, they began to make cars and trucks again. Because of the pent up demand, there was a post war boom in the industry.

Now-our American auto industry is suffering from intolerant labor unions, worldwide competition, and an indifferent populace. What this industry, which by the way is over 20% of our economy, needs is a shot in the arm from us. Yes, from its very own neighbors, the American citizens. Why are we so hungry for foreign made cars and trucks? Yes, I agree, the American automobile industry struggled during the 80’s with some poor product and homogenous looking style. But, if you look at the statistics now, American made products are more reliable, have better styling, and produce awesome performance and quality that is surpassing other countries. It is time for us, the US consumer, to start looking in our own backyard when it comes time to open our pocketbooks. This goes for all products. But as you know, this is an auto industry blog 😉

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