Is anyone out there?

by Lloyd Frazier

Ya know, I went into to this blogging gig thinking it would be fun, fruitful, and life changing. I decided to write about the automobile industry. At the time, back in 2007 or so, I had visions of AutoRamblings being a go-to place for the latest and greatest information. Boy did that go flat in a hurry. Not even sure if a blog is the best place to do that anymore. Social media is the place to go to for the minute-by-minute, blow-by-blow of anything, everything, and nothing in particular. It is a whole lot easier to do a quick post on Facebook or Twitter than to take the time to write a thought-provoking post on my own blog…and it costs me for hosting!

I am pretty much disillusioned with the internet these days. Sure, it is a great place to get quick information and locating that hard to find thing you need right now or you will just die. But for anything factual you are pretty much screwed. You can’t believe any one source for anything anymore. Wikipedia is has some good and mostly bad information. You have to do your own fact checking for any kind of news…mostly because so-called journalists are either too darned lazy, have a political agenda, addicted to sensationalism, or brainwashed by the very people they looked up to as a mentor. Take for instance CNN. They have devolved into the a rag of a news source. Quite frankly, I have not taken them seriously since the 90’s during their ‘Clinton News Network’ and the phony green-screen reporting on Desert Storm. Trump is right, they are fake news. Whether you like him or not, he is telling you the truth. There is a lot of fake news out there and people need to wake up and see the mainstream of information as it is…indoctrination and political pandering.

So, this is why I want to start writing in my blog once again. AutoRamblings will actually be ramblings and some auto thrown in for good measure. Mostly, this will be for my own sanity since I doubt anyone even knows this website exists anymore.

I pray earnestly in my sweet Lord Jesus name for success and prying open any closed minded folks that happen to stumble upon this blog. Get ready, because more content is coming. Read it or don’t. AutoRamblings…over and out!

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