A Great Colorado Sunday

Ok, I have gotta say that living in the Denver, Colorado area during spring time has it perks. When God decides to reign down grace for a beautiful Sunday he doesn’t hold back. This one was as perfect as you would ever want. Temps were hovering in the upper 70’s, the sky was blue and you could almost read the writing on the ordinance a jet was carrying on it. That is an exaggeration, folks! What you say? We live close to Buckley AFB and we are in a jet flight path. When you hear their thunder from the taking off you just look ahead of the sound by a couple of seconds or so and you get a free air show. I was out wiping down our car and enjoyed watching them cruise overhead. Yesterday was even better for jet watching. There was a dozen or so fly overs! Thank God there are men and women out there that love their country and want to use their talent to defend it. I cannot imagine the intense training these people go through to fly these things. I am not an air craft buff by any stretch, but is fun to point out the jets flying over to my granddaughters. They tend to look towards the sound they hear so I have to be their spotter. Whoever is reading this, hope you enjoy your spring time wherever in the great ‘ol US of A you happen to be stationed. Until next time, cheers!

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