It’s Energy Independence, Stupid – Not Global Warming

By Lloyd Frazier

algore-global-warming If you are like me, you must be completely sick and tired of being sick and tired of the fiasco called “Global Warming.”  The media feeds this frenzy by putting so-called ‘experts’ like Al Gore in the limelight.  A day does not go by without a newspaper article, newscast, or a talking head on a talk show spouting doom and gloom.  If you have enough money, power, and a lot of lemming-like followers, you too can become a well known global warming expert.  Opposing scientific views from people that have dedicated their life to the study of climate and the environment…phooey….what do they know?

Global warming has become the biggest political football since the last catastrophic prediction back in the 70’s that we would all be needing snow sleds to get around.  It has become one of the largest, far reaching power grabs in the history of mankind.  Governments, right now, as you are reading this, are conjuring up laws concerning CO2 emissions from vehicles, factories, or whatever.  These laws will impact generations to come.  Decisions have been made that will impact how we live, work, and travel.  Our existing way of life is being manipulated by ignorant leaders and politicians based on one-sided, junk science just so that they can assure their position of power and leadership.  Global treaties have been created that will keep poorer nations from achieving a better life for themselves because of all the hydrocarbons they may create from their growing population of cars and factories.

Billions of dollars have been spent on research and equipment just in the U.S. alone.  There are many varying opinions on the results of all the findings from the many years of research.  For some reason, dissenting opinions from well respected scientists and professors have been squelched.  What happened to open debate?  Many of those who have an opinion that do not align with the new world religion called ‘Global Warming’, are afraid to speak up because they fear for their lively hood and career.

I ran across a website that has many links to information that debunks the global warming myth.  Go to Global Warming is a Farce and check the sources for yourself.  On, you will find a fascinating video of the Telecosm 2007 – The Global Warming Myth – Dr Noah Robinson.  Here is an article on Fox News about John Coleman, who founded the Weather Channel network in 1982, who suggests suing for fraud  the proponents of global warming, including Al Gore, and companies that sell carbon credits.  As you know, carbon credits have become a huge financial commodity in our world.  There are as many or more sources that disprove the global warming argument as there are that agree with it.  It is time for our citizens in the U.S. to tune out and look beyond the mainstream news sources.  Wake up America!  We are being duped!

The biggest, best, and most important reason for kicking our oil addiction is to be energy independent.  We need to focus our time and efforts on discovering and creating better energy sources here at home.  The less dependent we are on foreign sources of energy, they better off we all will be.  If not for us now, then for our children and grandchildren.  Come on people, wake up and finally make a concerted effort to be informed beyond your typical, intellectually lazy news sources.  Sorry, but I agree with GM vice-chairman Bob Lutz – human caused global warming IS a crock of sh*t!

Lloyd…signing out!

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