Rambling minus Auto – oh, and job

by Lloyd Frazier

UnemployedThe automobile industry is taking some heavy hits lately.  General Motors has been taking  it on the chin, while Toyota and Nissan are really feeling the body blows.  The automobile sector isn’t the only one feeling the economy’s wrath.  I am hearing of layoffs and business failures across all sectors.  The House of Representatives, today, holds the fate of our country’s, as well as even maybe the world’s, economy in their hands.  Will they sign the Senate’s version of the Wall Street bailout into law?  What does this mean for us and our family’s well being?  Opinions vary widely.  This economic crisis has hit home for many Americans, including me.  I have recently joined the unemployed ranks which is growing daily.  It is a little harder to sleep at night while wondering how the next day of job hunting will go.  AutoRamblings.com is a dream of mine.  This gives me time to contemplate AutoRamblings future.  It will only get better!

This isn’t the end of the world by any stretch.  American’s have weathered bigger events in the past.  What is the worst that can happen?  Give up our luxuries of life?  Suddenly, a hot meal, a roof over my head, a warm bed…and especially my family…are all I need to sustain me…well, and my Chevy.  In the long run, I think this might turn out to be good for all of us.  It will bring us back down to earth.  Many live way beyond their means and are out of touch with reality.  I heard many stories about the depression of the 30’s, while growing up.  It was the simple things in life that sustained people back then.  Let’s bring back the simple things and make them stylish again.  It would certainly do our next generation some good.  Oh, and maybe we should spend more time waxing and polishing our cherished rides.  The perfect Zen moment.

I want to personally thank all our readers out there in the blogosphere.  I hope we have brought some entertainment and enjoyment to your lives at some point.  Now, that simple thing would be a real blessing to us.

God Bless…signing out.

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