AR Review–Dupont Paint Scratch Repair Stick

by Lloyd Frazier


Road rash, parking lot dings, paint chips and scratches all work together to prematurely age  the painted finish on your car or truck.  I have been wanting to try out some products that might help diminish that real-world damage we expose our precious automobiles to on a daily basis.  Some damage, especially the kind that compromises the clear coat, can wreak havoc and cause rust and corrosion over time if you don’t do something to alleviate it.  There are many products available to help protect and even cosmetically hide paint damage on your vehicle.  I decided to take the plunge and purchase Dupont’s Pro Fusion Color Scratch Repair Stick.  Per the packaging, Dupont claims it can repair and even hide that hideous scratch.  I am here to tell you that it did not work as claimed.  I will say that it definitely covered the scratches with a protective layer of clear coat paint…I am assuming it is a paint of some sort.  At least the scratches I covered in this video are protected from further damage from the elements.  Dupont calls this product Pro Fusion Color, but there is no color in the product.  It is just pens filled with a clear coat formula.  Now, I do not doubt that it is a quality formulation since they have been in the auto paint business for a long time and are respected in the industry.  The engineers at Dupont are likely not the culprits in this misrepresentation.  We definitely point the finger at the marketing department.  Shame on you Dupont marketing department.  Due to misleading pictures on your packaging, you made it appear that the scratch would disappear!

Final AutoRamblings rating: 6 out of a possible 10 (we give it at least a 6 since the product does offer significant protection at the point of the paint damage)

See for yourself, then decide if it is worth the time and effort.

Re-thinking What Is Important

by Lloyd Frazier

edsel_globeFor anybody out there in the net-o-sphere that even bothers to come read posts here at AutoRamblings, I want to thank you for spending those micro-seconds perusing this blog….(queue self-pity music.)

As I wallow in self-pity due to my disappointment of not making this a world class blog…aka: unrealistic expectation…I realize, as a famous singer once said in a song..’It’s my own damned fault.’  I lost track of why I even started AutoRamblings.  I love cars and wanted to write my thoughts and opinions about cars, but guess what, so do 1,348,982 other people with car blogs!

I have not written a new post since May ‘11 due to some life altering events that have transpired in my life.  I realize I need to re-think what it is I want to accomplish with AutoRamblings.  I want to personally thank my friend who posts on Sportsmobile 4X4 Adventures.  He is a very good writer and has a passion for what he writes about…his Sportsmobile.  That is the key, find something you are passionate about and write, write, and write some more.  And, guess what, people respond to that passion.  However, just generally writing about cars and the auto industry in this saturated field of interest makes it tough to stand out in a crowd.  A massive crowd, I must point out.  The invention of the automobile has brought more change to society than any other advancement, besides maybe telecommunication and computers.  It has brought people together to share in the love and passion of the automobile.  What a great thing that is.

So, what am I trying to say?  Well, I suppose it is this: write with passion!  What does that mean for AutoRamblings?  Writing from the heart which also includes topics associated with what is going on in the world, and most importantly, in our own backyard.  Seems our federal government and most members of congress have gone rogue,  running roughshod over our Constitution, ripping it to shreds, piece by sacred piece.  And what is with the department of Homeland Security and TSA?  Are we living in a police state or what.  What are they so damned paranoid about that they feel the need to constantly up the ante and treat us all like terrorist suspects.  As for me, it doesn’t make me feel any safer. 

I hear the term ‘wake up’ in a lot of places these days.  Maybe we Americans have been slumbering.  But it is time to wipe the sleep from our eyes and take a stand.  Call your congressman, start local discussion groups, pay attention to details.  Heck, start a blog and write what you feel.  Who knows how long we will have this open platform in which to share ideas.  Meditate, pray, or whatever it is you know works for you personally.  We need to participate in our republic or we will lose it.

As of this day, AutoRamblings posts will contain the subject of Autos and Ramblings.  Ramblings of what is is burning in the heart of this author at the time he writes.  Politics, cars, current events, cars, product reviews, and most importantly….CARS!

I want to close with a final thought.  What would this great country be like in just a few short years if we all started sharing ideas and actually working together for common good and at the same time celebrating our individual spirit?   Remember who we are.  We are a creation of God.  We are living, breathing sovereign beings who bleed.  Not a collective of slaves serving the whims of a very, very tiny group of elites at the top.  We are creative, caring, sacred souls with a purpose outside of this artificial existence. Screw those who try to divide us by race, creed, religion, orientation, or whatever epithet you can think of at the moment. Turn your back on those who try to stir those negative emotions and face your fellow brothers and sisters with love and create a new world with our children and our children’s children in mind. Now is the time!

Thank you for taking a moment out of your busy day to read this.  I promise more once I feel the genuineness of the thoughts coming to surface in my soul.

May the universal spirit of God touch your heart…