Top Ten Best Selling Cars in US for 2009

TopTen Here is an interesting list from  This is based on units sold, not units manufactured, like so many lists out there.



Top 10 best-selling cars for 2009 are…drum roll please:

  1. Ford F-Series: 179,632 units
  2. Toyota Camry: 150,242 units
  3. Chevrolet Silverado: 149,949 units
  4. Honda Accord: 131,043 units
  5. Toyota Corolla: 121,643 units
  6. Honda Civic: 118,459 units
  7. Nissan Altima: 96,248 units
  8. Dodge Ram: 94,516 units
  9. Ford Fusion: 85,146 units
  10. Honda CR-V: 78,197 units

What makes this interesting is that Ford is the only US based manufacturer with two in the top ten.  Ford has topped the best selling truck list for 28 years in a row.  That is an amazing accomplishment.  Another interesting factoid is that the Big-Three all have light-duty pickup trucks as their top-sellers.  Let’s face it, Americans love their trucks.  When they buy trucks, it is from the Big-Three because that is what they make the best.  Honda was the winner for having the most vehicles in the list.  It will be interesting to see the list for 2010.  Will Ford ramp up a notch with the release of the new Taurus?  Will GM make a showing in the list with a car?  Will Chrysler even be on the list?  As long as Dodge keeps making trucks, I think so.  Fiat might pull it off with a rebadged model…maybe.  I am surprised that Volkswagen didn’t make a showing in this list.  A final observation from this list is that most all of the vehicles in this list are manufactured in the US.  That should make us all feel a little better about the job situation.  Let us all hope this trend continues for many years in the future.

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Sexy, Cool Trucks Unveiled at the Detroit International Car Show

kBy Lloyd Frazier

2009 Ford F150-resized Like it or not, Americans are crazy about their trucks.  Light-duty trucks have been the mainstay for domestic manufacturers for the last couple of decades.  They are very profitable and have been best sellers for Ford, GM, and Dodge.  GM rolled out the newly redesigned Chevy Silverado for 2007.  Toyota completely took the country by storm when it released the Tundra for the 2007 model year…and it is assembled deep in the heart Texas.  For 2009, Ford  and Dodge have redesigns as well.  The new Ford F150 is refinement deluxe.  A beautiful specimen to behold indeed.  Ford has outshone GM and Chrysler in the light-duty truck sales arena for the last 31 years.  Now they have upped the ante again with more towing and payload capacity.   Some other cool refinements include a capless fuel system.  No more leaving your gas cap behind or scratching the paint.  Box side steps are available so that you can step up to the side of the cargo bed.  A tailgate step helps when stepping up into the bed.  Tailgate assist is now standard on the Styleside model.  Ford has stiffened and lightened the frame.  Taking a move from GM’s playbook, Ford now offers a flexible fuel 5.4L V8.  A six-speed transmission is now available to boost fuel economy. Ford 4X4 models include electronic locking differentials for the first time for better traction control.  Seven different models along with a plethora of choices makes the all new Ford F150 stand out from the crowd again.  The restyled exterior with the trade mark 3 bar grille is a big improvement over the model it replaces.  Good job Ford.

2009 Dodge Ram-resized

The new 2009 Dodge is no patsy.  In my opinion, this new Dodge Ram is probably the best looking truck that Chrysler has ever put together.  I hope to see this one at the Denver Auto Show.  This is an all new design with a much cleaner, sleeker look than the model it will replace.  Don’t get me wrong, the outgoing model is a decent looking truck.  But, Chrysler really put together something nice when it designed this toned down exterior.  It is said to have class leading aerodynamics.  The trademark big grille is tilted slightly forward and slightly smaller.  The tailgate is flared and the dual exhaust placement is excellent.  The dual2009 Dodge Ram-rear exhaust exits from round notches in the rear bumper.  This gives a very clean, high performance look to the rear of the truck.  As Chrysler has promised, interiors of all their vehicles are getting much more attention.  No more cheap plastic ice chest look and feel.  That was one of the draw backs of most all of Chrysler’s products.  This new Dodge Ram gets better plastics with a more refined soft touch.  Improved leather seats and improved center console finish this Ram off nicely.  A redesigned suspension, improvements to the popular 5.7L Hemi, and stiffened chassis round out the changes.  Not to be outdone by Ford, Dodge has put together a very unique feature called the RamBox.  This option is available on the Crew Cab models.  The RamBox is a storage bin that runs the full length of the cargo bed, one on each side and the width of the wheel wells.  The storage bins contain 8.6 cubic feet of space, are lighted, lockable, and can be drained of water.  These weatherproof bins can hold a lot of beer, a set of golf clubs or whatever.  Perfect for the football fan that wants to have a tail gate party.  This leaves plenty of room for the 4′ wide sheet of plywood or plaster board.  Why didn’t someone figure this out a long time ago.  It is always awkward loading things around the wheel well.  This puts good use to wasted space, in my opinion.  Well done Chrysler!

This kind of ingenuity has come at a time when gas prices have spiked to all time highs.  Even with the little bit of gas mileage improvements in these new trucks, it may be too little, too late.  Truck sales have begun to slide.  Families are flocking to CUV’s and smaller cars to hedge their gas dollars.  With all of the car-like amenities that the newer trucks now provide, they still come at the price of  lower gas mileage.  The American love affair for light-duty trucks may  be waning for good.  Trucks may permanently be relegated to work status.  Especially with the new CAFE mandates kicking in in 2020.  Is that enough time for manufacturers to innovate a high mileage light-duty truck and keep the American love affair alive?

Exciting times, indeed….

It Takes A Chevy To Haul A Toyota

Check this out over at>>CLICK THIS

You would think that Toyota would have come up with a different solution than to use one of its biggest competitors to the Tundra to haul its Tundra race trucks. GM would have been laughed off the planet if they did this with a Toyota truck. Oh, wait, Toyota doesn’t have a heavy-duty hauler. My bad!

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Jeep Patriot – An Affordable Trail Rated Vehicle

by Lloyd Frazier

We are in the market for a new vehicle since moving to the Rockies. The Jeep Patriot looks like it will fit our needs. Daimler-Chrysler did it right by making an affordable off-roader with a car like ride. For around 14K for an entry level model you can be out hitting the trails. You will also be comfortable going shopping for groceries or taking the kids to their soccer game. I haven’t seen one yet. Our local dealer should have them in stock any day now.

Just what exactly does “Trail Rated” mean? The Trail Rated badge means that a Jeep 4X4 has been designed to perform in five categories: traction, ground clearance, maneuverability, articulation, and water fording. Got to and see exactly what the specs are. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

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