October 25th 2009 “ Lost Meadow Trip report”.


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Sunday we woke to a brisk 28 degrees morning at Sample Meadow CG but with the sun out, it actually felt much warmer than many of the foggy 45 degree days I experience in California’s Central Valley. Most of the Forum members were packing up to leave. Don and I still had one day to explore before we would head home on Monday. Craig and Cindy as well as Rob and Ning had plans to go off on their own to look over the two big lakes or possibly the hot springs. We talked Craig and Cindy into taking a short trip up to the Mount Tom Fire Lookout which was very close to our camp. Unfortunately the lookout closed two days prior, so we all missed out on some great views (See part one of this trip report). After they were off on their journey, we decided to head down the hill to possibly run Granite Gorge which is the most scenic 4×4 run in the area IMO. As we drove into Shaver, one of the restaurants reached out and pulled us right off the road. It wasn’t long before we had a burger shoved in our face. After eating food that is really bad for Mankind’s health, we headed back out of town with smiles on our faces and our bellies full. Before we knew it, the time had shot by so fast that we decided Granite Gorge was not going to be possible to run before night would close in on us. But Lost Meadow was close by…we had a plan.

The Dinkey-Trimmer Road is the main route that connects Dinkey Creek road to Pine Flat Reservoir. It starts out east of Shaver Lake close to Dinkey Creek campground and meander all the way down to the lake. I’ve taken the Trimmer Road (which seems to be mapped as Ross Crossing Rd on Google Maps) several times over the years and passed by the sign that points to Lost Meadow. On the map it showed a large meadow along with a small lake which always tweaked my interest when passing by. It has been one place I’ve tried to get to, but for one reason or another, this little road was always put on the back burner. I finally made it there on this trip even though it turned out to be slightly different than I expected.

Lost Meadow:


The Lost meadow is one road to avoid during wet weather. There was caution tape lying on the ground and apparently the road had been closed off due to mud.


It starts off as a rock covered road but you have to be careful as you proceed on. The drive was scenic but to our surprise was gated off at the meadow. After looking at the map we noticed that the road didn’t actually go through as I had thought. But for a short spur, the road is worth a look and definitely a good spot to shoot some pictures.


A worker from Edison Power drove down to where we had parked and explained that the meadow and pond were one of several private properties owned by Edison. We were told that it was OK to explore the area but also noted it was closed to camping. Too bad, it’s a nice spot to boon dock at. I really don’t know if they would kick you out if you’re parked close to the locked gate but there are other spots close by.



After looking the area over we headed back toward camp. The sun was setting but we took another unpaved side road that was posted “Lumber Haul Road”.




Any 2WD vehicle can do this one during dry or moderately wet conditions. This road was full of color and a very nice drive. I wish we would have had some better lighting for my snap shots. It’s difficult for me to shoot in low light conditions with bright backgrounds.









This road featured some of the best Fall colors we found on the trip.



The road exited where I thought the Lost Meadow came out which is Forest Service Road 9 that I mentioned in the Peterson and Bald Mountain reports.

When we got back to camp it was dark and noticed the Wilson group was buttoned up for the night but Craig and Cindy happened to be up and about cooking dinner. They told us of their day checking out Edison Lake and the surrounding area. Craig wanted a real fire for the last evening. It was pumpkin burning night as we paid out last respects to the icon of the trip. It was very cold that night and we had to rummage for any twig that burned. I fought to stay awake around the fire and was made fun of, but I still had a good time…what I remembered of it 🙂

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