The construction of my SMB started in mid-2005 and the delivery date was just before Christmas of 2005. I wrote up my construction order and some of the changes made during the build but I’ve upgraded the van since the writing of the articles below. I plan to follow up on the additional equipment in the near future. If you’re planning to purchase a new Sportsmobile, this article may still be of value.

1 intro
2 What is expected?
3 pick up date and insurance.
4 Commitment and what I needed.
5 Deciding on the vehicle, power train, and engine.
6 Basic interior
7 Flooring, window shades and seat materials.
8 Kitchen, heat, and water.
9 Starcool and shore power applications.
10 Electrical.
11 Exterior.
12 Van tops.
13 4X4