AR Review–Dupont Paint Scratch Repair Stick

by Lloyd Frazier


Road rash, parking lot dings, paint chips and scratches all work together to prematurely age  the painted finish on your car or truck.  I have been wanting to try out some products that might help diminish that real-world damage we expose our precious automobiles to on a daily basis.  Some damage, especially the kind that compromises the clear coat, can wreak havoc and cause rust and corrosion over time if you don’t do something to alleviate it.  There are many products available to help protect and even cosmetically hide paint damage on your vehicle.  I decided to take the plunge and purchase Dupont’s Pro Fusion Color Scratch Repair Stick.  Per the packaging, Dupont claims it can repair and even hide that hideous scratch.  I am here to tell you that it did not work as claimed.  I will say that it definitely covered the scratches with a protective layer of clear coat paint…I am assuming it is a paint of some sort.  At least the scratches I covered in this video are protected from further damage from the elements.  Dupont calls this product Pro Fusion Color, but there is no color in the product.  It is just pens filled with a clear coat formula.  Now, I do not doubt that it is a quality formulation since they have been in the auto paint business for a long time and are respected in the industry.  The engineers at Dupont are likely not the culprits in this misrepresentation.  We definitely point the finger at the marketing department.  Shame on you Dupont marketing department.  Due to misleading pictures on your packaging, you made it appear that the scratch would disappear!

Final AutoRamblings rating: 6 out of a possible 10 (we give it at least a 6 since the product does offer significant protection at the point of the paint damage)

See for yourself, then decide if it is worth the time and effort.

8 Replies to “AR Review–Dupont Paint Scratch Repair Stick”

  1. the dupont scratch stick does fill in the scratches to protect from further decay and at most angles they do appear to be gone but at different angles you can clearly see the pen marks which at times can be hideous more than the initial scratch. I am pretty sad about the outcome since I used it on my dad’s new car and it looks decent at times but at times looks like random lines on the car which is worse 🙁 I’m lucky my dad doesn’t mind too much, but I feel bad after using this product.

  2. I wouldn’t use the Dupont product on hairline scratches. Try a swirl-remover product such as Meguair’s SwirlX or ScratchX 2.0. Using a dual-action polisher with a good product will do the trick as well. Make sure you really clean your paint surface. If it has been neglected or has not been deep cleaned, a clay treatment will get the deep dirt and any particles that are embedded in your clear coat. If you aren’t comfortable doing these tasks, make a visit to your local auto detailer for advice and/or services.

  3. I have some fine hair line type scratches in my clear coat, you can’t see them unless light hits is at the right angle. I was thinking of getting this to try and fix the scratches. Do you think this might work or ruin my clear coat?

  4. Great video and great suggestion to the DuPont marketing team! I will be returning my purchase to Costco. The next question is what is the best solution for repairing deeper scratches like you have on your door?

  5. MISTAKE!!! Used on my Lexus and the product “ate” into my factory clear coat. Small scratch now looks like 1/2″ blob.

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