My First Post

By Lloyd Frazier

I just entered the realm of the BLOG! In this blog I hope to achieve a couple of things. First, I would like to discuss US built cars in general, and secondly the car collector craze that seems to be heating up over the last few years. I am not an expert in this industry. I just love cars….PERIOD! I think it will be very interesting to discuss these topics amongst the people who share my passion.

There is a general misconception among younger generations that US manufactured cars, mostly manufactured in the 90’s and up, are not built with quality in mind. That is just not true. Because of the increased competition of the Japanese starting in the 80’s, that has forced US manufacturers to take notice. US cars have gotten better and better over the last 20 years. Oh sure, there have been some real stinkers that have come along, but you can’t judge the whole industry on a few mistakes. On principle, I will only buy American cars. Not because I think they are superior to all others. I just cringe at the thought of losing American ingenuity in the design of future cars and trucks. As you may well know, many Japanese manufacturers, and now Korean manufacturer Hyundai, build cars right hear in the good ‘ol USA. That keeps a lot of good paying jobs here. That is a good thing not only for the job market, but for the competitive marketplace as well.

On the other front, collector cars. Wow, when was the last time you viewed, participated or read about car auctions. With the baby boomers getting nostalgic and having a little extra cash on hand, the collector and antique car business is thriving. I subscribe to ‘Cars & Parts’ and read it avidly. Man, there are some beauties to be had. There is nothing like driving a car from the period of your youth. I also frequent many web sites that sell cars just to look at the pictures and remember those great old cars from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

I hope those who visit this blog have some great car stories to tell.

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