Back At The Helm

By Lloyd Frazier

I have been absent the last few weeks due to moving into a new house, landscaping, etc., etc. I will be back at the helm in the next week or two. My good friend Dave B., from California, is going to contribute some content. I will most likely start publishing some of his travel notes on this domain. I will soon have a domain called The first entry should be something about Death Valley, California. It promises to be interesting.

I also have another friend, Dave C., in Northern Oregon. Oh, make sure you don’t pronounce it O-R-U-H-G-O-N-E….it drives the natives there crazy! Or, go ahead and do it anyway just to see the reaction. Dave C. is into the Asian tuner scene. He will have some interesting content as well.

I also have a contact in Queensland, Australia that is into the Ute scene – and no, I don’t mean the Indian tribe from the Rockies or the college football team in Utah. Utes are short for utility vehicles. Kind of like Rancheros and El Caminos of the past here in the states. They still make them down-under and, of course, are designed for the times. Ford and Holden (GM) make some nice looking utes. You can learn more about them at It is quite an Australian tradition, mate!

This site will be undergoing some wonderful changes in the next 6 to 8 months, the good lord willin’. I am still learning the ins and outs of WordPress. I thought I might purchase a nice template and be done with it. I hope you will still respect me in the morning if I do that. Anyway, come back often. I promise some very interesting stuff.

Lloyd, signing out…

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  1. dc here – contact me. I have an interesting thought for my first submission. Perhaps you could call it ‘deja vu.’

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