Learn how to profit from your writing

By Lloyd Frazier

I was reading the latest issue of Detailers Digest over the last couple of days. It is an exclusive publication for professional Auto Detailers. It is filled with personal stories of successes in the automotive appearance and aftermarket business, industry news, and a large assortment of advertisements. There are even articles about assorted legal wrangles between corporations and small businesses that we are given details about. Hey, wait a minute…I thought we were talking about auto detailing! Getting back to the business at hand, I want to tell you about an interesting article that was in the publication. The title of the article was “Small Business Experts Beats High Costs Of Marketing.” The Detailers Digest article is based around small business expert, Bonnie Davis. She has a subscription based web site at ArticleSubmissionSites.com that caters to people who want to get their articles published on the web. It mentions her “innovative way to make short order of the rising costs of marketing their businesses.” The article goes on to talk about how to “market with articles.” Anything written down by someone with a professional, or at least active, interest or vocation would count. The author’s of these articles, stories, columns, or whatever, can promote and profit from their relative expertise. It sounds like a great way to make some extra cash. Who knows, it could become something much larger. Imagine making an income from what you know. The information age is finally starting to sink in. Why should we always expect something for nothing? People should be able to profit from there years of experience in a given trade or profession. I hope that my blog will catch on to continue the discussion and study of the US auto industry. Maybe even make a little cash. Lloyd-signing out.

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